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Do you need somebody to assist you in your work but do not want to invest in a full time secretary? Try out the modern approach of virtual assistants, who give all the benefits of 24/7 services at a fraction of the cost. Our virtual assistants are multilingual and proficient in handling all responsibilities.

Hiring a virtual assistant provider empowers business owners to free themselves from day-to-day administrative burdens of their organization. Rigel Network is a single point destination to get all your corporate jobs done. We combine the skills and talents of best virtual assistants to design outstanding and exclusive virtual assistance solutions to take your business to the next level. Our proactive, reliable and highly competent virtual assistants leverage a powerful mix of industry expertise, domain knowledge and personal attention to meet the challenges you face.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Services-

  • One-stop services: Expert virtual assistant team offers multiple virtual support services at one stop and thus, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. They identify your challenging areas and come up with customized and better plans to suit your needs.
  • Reliability/Accessibility: Professional virtual assistant help providers design collaborative, and secure project management system and you have 24/7 access for it. Dashboard View enables you to know what they are working on and when.
  • Affordable rates: After taking support from virtual assistant companies, you don’t have to spend money on hourly bases to hire in-house team members. You can pay virtual assistants monthly on the date suitable to you.
  • Proactive, but not reactive: When it comes to your business, virtual personal assistant does not hesitate to be proactive. If they observe something that could be better, faster or smarter, they will tell you.
  • Dedicated project manager:Virtual assistant providers assign a detail-oriented or dedicated project manager to businesses, whom they can depend on for project updates, suggestions and brainstorming.

Why to choose Rigel Networks for Virtual Assistant Support?

  • We are leveraging our knowledge of business management & development and technology solutions to work with new and growing small enterprises.
  • We are able to craft cutting-edge solutions to assist in scalable and affordable growth of our clients.
  • We are dedicated to provide consistent virtual assistant help services to our clients to boost profits and simultaneously reduce their costs.

We offer virtual receptionist to senior officials to handle their tasks such as email, meetings and purchase.

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