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Enable Real-Time Processing & Reporting with Our Efficient Transaction Processing Management Service. We help you to achieve optimal resource utilization by closely monitoring performance at various levels

Today’s businesses are highly data oriented. However, many do not utilize the power of data because of their inability to capture, store and organize it. Rigel Networks offers quality transaction processing services that will allow your business to gain powerful capabilities without making large investments in infrastructure development and maintenance. Transaction processing forms the backbone of an efficient organization, which is how we help you improve productivity.

Claims Processing

Our claims processing applications are customized to your business, whether it is healthcare, insurance or finance and accounting services. Using automated processes such as data retrieval tool, claim cleaning, validation and editing, we integrate data seamlessly with your system.

Credit Card Processing

Save time, money and resources by availing our transaction processing service for innovative and secure credit card processing facilities. We offer omni-channel processing, batch processing, mobile payment processing, virtual terminals, e-commerce and POS solutions, and electronic invoicing.

Order Managemet

Follow the fast-paced processes of order management with our cost-effective and efficient transaction management services. With strong capabilities in inventory monitoring and invoice processing, we help you stay on the top of your business by dynamic reporting of transactions.

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Benefits of Transaction Processing Services

  • Data-oriented processes encourage optimal usage of resources. Strategic decisions become more likely to succeed when supported by real-time data.
  • Using offshore transaction management can let you build new competencies without requiring huge investments.
  • Real-time reporting of internal processes helps you monitor quality standards and take corrective measures where needed.
  • Efficient payment and invoicing processes ensure better ROI in terms of orders processed.
  • Proper claims processing are important for low error rates and compliance to standards.

Why choose Rigel for Transaction Processing?

The technologically advanced transaction processing services offered by Rigel Networks provide a dynamic, robust and flexible solution for data capture and management.
  • Our integrated services allow your business to track activities and processes across verticals.
  • We follow strict standards and protocols to ensure data security and compliance to guidelines and policies.
  • Our streamlined processes are designed to provide real-time reporting at superior speed and quality.
  • A team of qualified experts at Rigel Networks controls and monitors the flow of data for efficient processing management.
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