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Research & Analysis

Extract the most information from surveys, market data and business data with sophisticated BI tools. Our research & analysis services are designed to provide businesses with insightful market reports.

Leverage Your Data to Gain a Strong Competitive Edge for Your Business.

Data analytics has become one of the strongest differentiators among companies. Whether you are able to overcome market competition or not depends on how much you are using latest research and analysis techniques to build strategies. We, at Rigel Networks have specialized in the field of data research geared towards aligning your business with prevailing market conditions. A team of qualified professionals work dedicatedly to help you build data-driven processes.

Market Research

From industry reports to market trends, we offer services in data analysis for market assessment and sizing, and competitive positioning. With globally relevant domain expertise and language proficiencies, we conduct primary and secondary research with a holistic approach.

Survey Services

For market sentiment analysis, our variety of B2B and B2C survey services include personal interviews, online interactions, focus group studies and expert interviews. Our team of surveyors conducts unbiased market surveys for providing useful pointers in strategy development.

Business Analytics

Part of our business intelligence services, we provide sales and marketing support through marketing mix models, pricing models, and marketing analytics. With data mining of consumer behaviour, online promotion and social media campaigns, you can optimise your marketing spend to achieve your targets.

Benefits of Research and Analysis

  • Gain unique insights on internal and external business conditions.
  • Mobilize your business with more efficient processes derived from the results of data analysis.
  • Adapt your business quickly to the ever-changing market conditions and stay on top of competition always.
  • Utilise the skills of qualified professionals for advanced data analysis.
  • Develop data-driven capabilities without making large investments.

Why choose Rigel for Research & Analysis services?

At Rigel Networks, we have a dedicated team that is well qualified for data research. With a strong understanding of research techniques, we provide unique benefits to your business.
  • Our accurate research offers unique information regarding your business performance, market dynamics, industry conditions, and competition.
  • Our powerful suite of data mining tools and processes are well suited to glean valuable business intelligence.
  • We provide you with the services of experienced analysts with deep domain knowledge at your disposal.
  • Cost effective solutions for understanding business and market conditions are customized for your unique requirements.

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