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Credit Card Processing

Consumers will pay for 50% purchases through credit cards in the next two years. Are you ready to handle this popular payment channel? Our omni-channel solutions for both POS and e-commerce applications will improve your payment processes.

Benefits of Credit Card Process Outsourcing

  • Payment channels: Consumers are expected to complete nearly 50% of their purchases through cards by 2017. Open up new payment channels preferred by your customers.
  • Quality Standards: Low error rates and payment failures are achieved only through high quality protocols, which require advanced credit card processors available through specialized services.
  • Safety and Security: Merchant credit card processing is a highly sensitive activity. Merchants lose almost $14 billion in card frauds globally. Outsourcing to specialists will ensure compliance to security standards.

Cost-effectiveness: Instead of investing much on infrastructure and resources for efficient systems, you can cut down on expenses by choosing to outsource credit card processing.

Why to choose Rigel Networks for Credit Card Processing?

Backed by state-of-the art technology, Rigel Networks has supreme credit card terminal capabilities.  We present unrivalled advantages to your business.

  • We specialize in merchant credit card processing with innovative technology to increase profitability.
  • Omni-channel processing becomes a breeze with our integrated solutions for both POS systems and e-commerce applications.
  • We also offer large ticket and batch processing services to cover all types of transactions.
  • At Rigel Networks, you can also process mobile credit card payments to provide multiple payment options to your customers.
  • With efficient real-time processing, we maintain fast transaction times and low costs.
  • Our secure technology integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting and billing systems to ensure maximum data security with high quality and safety standards and protocols.

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