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Back Office Support Services

Transfer your administrative burden and transform your business processes by adopting innovative approach of eliminating the barriers in your business growth. Choose Rigel Networks as your trusted partner for back office support to achieve strategic business goals by improving operational efficiency.

Back office support services offered by Rigel Networks, are designed to fortify the backbone of any business. Our back office support services enable the enterprises to focus on their core activities whereas outsourcing their non-core activities to us which in turn help us to improve their productivity. We are equipped with world-class infrastructure and an in-house dedicated pool of expert and competent professionals which support us to maintain our global standard of quality.


Human Resource Services

We help businesses to handle their workforce challenges by providing them with innovative HR management solutions. Additionally, organizations can improve customer satisfaction and minimize their cost effectively using our HR services.

Virtual Assistant Services

Our dedicated virtual assistants enable the enterprises to augment their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, we give you more time to concentrate on big picture by taking care of small details.

Content Management

Rigel Networks can take on the critical role of content management of your website. We ensure that all pages, contents and images are styled as well as structured properly and ready for the web.

Data Management

Our comprehensive data management services provide businesses with fast, efficient and accurate processing of critical data. Furthermore, our data management helps you to transform your data and facilitates you minimize costs.

Forms Processing

Comprehensive forms processing solutions offered by Rigel Networks eliminate the time you have to spend entering data manually. With our form processing solutions you can use your manpower to do more rewarding work.

Image Processing

We provide advanced and personalized image processing services to help businesses transform their product image into professional catalog. Additionally, we help you optimize your images to meet satisfactory online standards.

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Benefits of Rigel Networks

  • Focus on core business: When your day-to-day back office operations are handled effectively by expert back office support firm, your manpower is free to focus more on the core business areas.
  • Cost reductions: With process improvements, use of technologies and reengineering, cost can be decreased. Back office outsourcing can bring administrative as well as other costs under control.
  • Outer expertise: We provide the expert professionals for the needed assistance and with the necessary skills, so that you can be saved from the hassles and costs of hiring and training personnel.
  • Increase revenue, efficiency and productivity: Our innovative and sophisticated solutions for back office enables you to focus on escalating your sales, advertise into new marketplaces and improve consumer service.
  • Better business performance: These services improve your major business operations and help your business running seamlessly and consistently.

Why Rigel Networks?

  • We are the centre of excellence for back office process outsourcing.
  • We have rich industry experience and since our commencement, we are helping our patrons to prosper and grow with our innovative, advanced and customized back office services.
  • We are eliminating our clients’ stress related to back office administrative operations and enable them to concentrate on major business activities.
  • We have provided true value added services to many local as well as international clients and assisted them to reach the new level of success.
Effective Web Development Solutions

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