Are your Surveys Creating Dissatisfaction?

Where at one time the customers were sent a feedback form or complaint form to understand how best to support them and help them through service, today, the same has been seen as not so effective a means to work. In the past, it was considered a great step to improve the customer relationship with the company and to show the customers that the companies care. But times have changed and anything done in excess might cause the customers to get fed up or too overwhelmed and ultimately lose interest from the business. There are few reasons that surveys are now being seen as a main thorn in customer relationship.

Reasons for in-house surveys to fail in present days:

Surveys are no longer holding any magic for the customers since they might have filled up questionnaire or even left long messages regarding any product or their regular service but might not have got necessary response from the company. Let us look at the reasons why surveys are not working:

  • Lack of proper feedback: When a customer would fill a survey taking out his time, he would surely wish for getting a proper action from his feedback. But if that feedback does not happen or the company does not take any effort in paying heed to the feedback, then the customers lose hope. Some companies do not even follow up on the customers, thereby losing the prized position in customers’ hearts.
  • Irrelevant questionnaire: While many companies quiz the customers about the product or services they used or which branch served them. This information is fine, but instead if the customers have questions pertaining to the products that they loved the most and why they loved it, then they could think of using it as a benchmark to improve those services more in future.
  • Reinforcing brands or not: While many companies may think of putting up billboards across the city skyline, many others may not use the survey tactic to reinforce brands. They might be using surveys as just another plain formality. This means that the survey’s importance is lost in the minds of customers.
  • Giving space for customer’s real feedback: There are few surveys where the questionnaire is just restricted to a certain limit. The customers have to check from good, better or best and though this might boost the morale of the company, they may not really do any good in case the customer wishes to say anything beyond that. Such a survey is of no good.
  • One way communication: Companies have to understand that feedback through surveys is not just single-way traffic. When the customer gets to answer so many questions from your questionnaire, don’t they have the right to know if their words have been heard and action taken towards the same? This is essential and this is what makes a good company.

Sadly, all or most of these are the reasons that when pushed with a feedback form or survey form, the customers these days do not show much eagerness. But if you could outsource the surveys or some alternatives to surveys done from the reputed third party service provider, then your stress would come down and you would be able to attain the needed feedback too.