10 Field Services Trends to look for in 2016

Field service is gradually developing, and it is believed that in future, this service may become more competitive, especially with the development of technologies. Let’s have a clear glance at the trends that may be noticed in 2016, mainly in the business of field service.

1. Internet of Things can mechanize equipment protective maintenance

Since different equipments have a relation with the integrated sensors, the field service companies may computerize the maintenance on the basis of M2M interaction. In future, equipment IoT can trigger the order of maintenance work, and it may be scheduled and shipped automatically with no interaction of human beings.

2. Augmented reality

This is an exciting trend in the market of field service. This trend can considerably develop daily work in the field service. Augmented reality, which is used mainly in the field service, may allow all the employees of field service to cover the schematics in the vision field.

3. Cloud services

Though its impact is already noticed in field service, cloud solutions will keep on driving a number of significant changes by eliminating the silos. It enables the systems to get together smoothly.

4. More integration

The businesses will recognize that they will not need to control the help desk and mobile employees in different silos. Thus, integration may become a major factor to effective generating a continuous solution of service management in the coming year.

5. Mobile Apps for improving field workers’ ability

In 2015, it is seen that mobile applications reach beyond the primary technology on job notification. It has become an active tool, which is necessary for any field based employee. In 2016 even, it can boost revenues by offering the team an ability to generate estimates for more activities.

6. Increase in the importance of customer service

In 2016, the companies will need to distinguish themselves mainly on the basis of quality level of customer service. They know that higher satisfaction of customers is related to more revenue. Now, they are going to show off how properly they cooperate with the customers, how hostile the SLAs are or how hardly the clients need to place a phone call.

7. Preventative maintenance substituting immediate repair

As there is predictive ability of connected gadgets, the industry of field service will begin to undertake more preventive work. Rather than awaiting a call from the company owner to inform the failure of equipment, you will call them to start an appointment.

8. Mobile keeps on dominating

Whether the businesses are allowing tech to bring own mobiles for working or are supplying iPads to its team, mobile devices continue to shape the market.

9. Immediate information to improve effectiveness

BI is important for any company. The latest field service solutions involve real-time information on operational acts of the field service staff. If the companies take on the technology of field service, the data analysis tool will be a vital part of the procedure.

10. More data shared with customers

Such insights for better satisfaction of customer will allow the businesses for sharing more data. By creating reports and offering investigation to the customers, the firms on field service may start adding real value to the businesses.

So, these are the trends that will be noticed in field service in 2016.