Drive your sales with call center outsourcing and telemarketing services

When it comes to acquiring new leads and reaching out to potential customers in short span of time, many businesses put their faith in telemarketing. However, with more options available than ever before, there is no argument to prove how effective telemarketing services are.

These services are aimed for organizations those wish to get in touch with customers with more personalized approach. Modern organizations believe that telemarketing strategy is better way to reach better prospects than they ever could via cold-calling.

Telemarketing is a $500 billion-a-year business. The Federal Trade Commission, a consumer protection agency of USA, attained almost 18,000 complaints about telemarketers yearly; hence, it indicates that telemarketing remains a viable and cost-effective mode of advertising. The encouraging thing is that B2B telemarketing doesn’t retain the disgrace which B2C has to bear.

Call centre services have witnessed the significant growth in recent years. Several emerging business developments are integrated to make call center outsourcing viable and profitable to organizations.

In the current scenario, the outsourcing sector is considered as the key force which is contributing to the success of businesses of all types and sizes. Call center solutions enabling the businesses to offer superior customer service delivery while reinforcing company’s brand image in the market.

Businesses, those are looking for more personalized and friendly way to interact with consumers, answering services could be most suitable and beneficial approach. In addition to this, these services help businesses to save overhead costs as it wipe out the need to keep a full-time receptionist or employee to answer customers’ calls.

Phone answering services have its plus points as compared to phone answering machines. When you outsource these services from trusted partner, you will get exactly what you need, when you need. Many businesses overlook the importance of live telephone answering services. Instead, they choose cheap phone answering machines, leaving their clients listening to long busy signals.

When it comes to handling huge call traffic, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is considered as best and cost-effective tool. With just a simple touch of button, callers can speak to the agents and resolve their queries.

IVR has gained huge popularity as it saves a lot of time, overhead costs, manpower and other valuable resources. It is efficient and advanced, considered as more important than ever in today’s business world. Moreover, it’s incredibly affordable way of automating repetitive tasks, at the same time quite insightful and powerful.

Variety of customer care services include live chat, voice & email support. Telemarketing services have been recognized and awarded by the call center industry across the world for quality and faster response in customer service.

Telemarketers can target a core group of audience and accordingly develop call center strategies for your product which is to be promoted.

Recent survey has revealed that enterprises are investing more than $300 billion annually on call center services. Call center outsourcing spending has increased from 8-12% annually while in-house expenses have been comparatively flat.

Continual budget cuts annually, increasing customer volume and rising challenges for customer service have been directed the businesses to invest in outsourcing.